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for Upwork clients:https://www.upwork.com/services/product/consultation-1470721268539899904

100% success rate on Upwork, 60+ Wordpress sites optimized

Upwork 100% success rate

for non-Upwork clients (the majority of you out there) follow this link: https://www.ergoseo.com/shop/product/consultation-speed-seo-website-server-issues/

  1. Server optimization/caching
  2. CSS/JS merging/deferring. Unused CSS.

3. Fonts served locally and preloaded so they are not render-blocking.

4. …

Make the WordPress database lean and fit to respond faster to queries and quickly load pages

Optimized databases pave the road for 90+ website speed

I make the database lean and fit to respond faster to queries. The positive effects can be seen immediately, the site renders the pages more quickly, and the speed score is higher.

Not simply a PHPMyAdmin optimization

When I talk about database optimization I don’t mean to use a plugin to do it. Most of…

What we do is make your pages visible in a fraction of the time you will need to submit them on your own or let Google find them ‘naturally.’

With our service, each backlink is crawled and indexed quickly in Google.

Any URL will do, i.e., website pages, blogs, images, videos, blog comments, forum profiles, social network profiles, and posts provided that the pages don’t block the search engine crawlers (noindex tags, robots.txt, redirects).


1. What Is Backlinks Indexing.

2. How Long Does It Take to Index Backlinks?

3. Is Fast Indexing Spam?

4. How Does Fast Indexing Work.

5. What Is Drip Feed Indexing.

6. What to Avoid when Indexing Backlinks.

7. Types of Content that Won’t Get Indexed.

8. Common Indexing Issues.


A Private Blog Network is a group of sites under your full control that host niche-relevant articles and linking back to your money sites. PBNs require a massive amount of work and money to set up correctly. Then there are recurring maintenance costs to keep them hidden and up to…

How to find and work with the right influencers, reach more customers and boost conversions. What to avoid and what to prepare.

Influencer Marketing

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing (IM) is a new way to share content and build brand awareness on social networks and traditional media. Studies show that it can be ten times more effective than typical brand marketing. IM works because it uses tactics like word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. Influencers use podcasts, videos…

Think of Schema markup as a Google ranking signal. You would want it to be perfect, right?

If your schema markup has errors Google will either ignore it, block your page from search results or hit you with a penalty for search rankings manipulation. I will fix your schema markup and add more fields that give extra boost to your page and produce rich search results.

schema markup


1. Types of Schema Markup

2. How to Add Schema to Wordpress

3. What Is Better in Schema: WebPage or Article?

4. What is Speakable Schema

5. How to Whitelist Emails for Google Gmail?

Read the full article here: https://www.ergoseo.com/schema-markup.html


Ted Politidis

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