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90+ Speed Score. Solutions: Functions, Plugins, Tweaks, Sites running Ads e.g. Google Ads, Ezoic, Mediavine
Time to First Byte (TTFB)
Time to First Byte (TTFB)

What we do is make your pages visible in a fraction of the time you will need to submit them on your own or let Google find them ‘naturally.’

With our service, each backlink is crawled and indexed quickly in Google.

Any URL will do, i.e., website pages, blogs, images, videos, blog comments, forum profiles, social network profiles, and posts provided that the pages don’t block the search engine crawlers (noindex tags, robots.txt, redirects).


1. What Is Backlinks Indexing.

2. How Long Does It Take to Index Backlinks?

3. Is Fast Indexing Spam?

4. How Does Fast Indexing Work.

5. What Is Drip Feed Indexing.

6. What to Avoid when Indexing Backlinks.

7. Types of Content that Won’t Get Indexed.

8. Common Indexing Issues.


A Private Blog Network is a group of sites under your full control that host niche-relevant articles and linking back to your money sites. PBNs require a massive amount of work and money to set up correctly. Then there are recurring maintenance costs to keep them hidden and up to speed. The goal is not to associate the blogs with others in the group in any detectable way. When done right, PBNs can offer huge gains; done wrong and will get de-indexed (money site receives a penalty too) or hacked.

Who Needs a Private Blog Network?

Some niches are too competitive, and a few earned backlinks…

How to find and work with the right influencers, reach more customers and boost conversions. What to avoid and what to prepare.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing (IM) is a new way to share content and build brand awareness on social networks and traditional media. Studies show that it can be ten times more effective than typical brand marketing. IM works because it uses tactics like word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. Influencers use podcasts, videos, product testing, articles, radio, and TV shows; they are active in the industry. An influencer is someone with expertise, with a loud voice that shapes opinions in the industry, and has an impact on consumer decisions.

What Are the Benefits of Influencer Marketing?

  • Increases brand authority and awareness (included in 85% of the strategies): Create content with…

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain authority indicates the trust built on a particular domain based on its history, quality content, inbound links, traffic, safe browsing, uptime, and other factors. I use here the Domain and Page Authority scores developed by Moz, which allegedly is based upon the number and quality of links pointing to that site as well as a few other factors, which they have not made public.

So, a private company has made a proprietary metric to judge more than 1.5 billion websites without disclosing the factors the same way Google did with Pagerank and also says that its metric doesn’t affect…

Think of Schema markup as a Google ranking signal. You would want it to be perfect, right?

If your schema markup has errors Google will either ignore it, block your page from search results or hit you with a penalty for search rankings manipulation. I will fix your schema markup and add more fields that give extra boost to your page and produce rich search results.

schema markup


1. Types of Schema Markup

2. How to Add Schema to Wordpress

3. What Is Better in Schema: WebPage or Article?

4. What is Speakable Schema

5. How to Whitelist Emails for Google Gmail?

Read the full article here:


The ins and outs of guest posting. Is it beneficial or bad for SEO?

What is Guest Posting?

Blogs invite writers or receive requests from content creators to contribute with their original content. Any means of content sourcing via an external source can be considered a guest posting. The invites or requests for content can be 100% legitimate. The web wouldn’t be the one we know if each blogger produced content independently, and not all content creators have enough readers on their blog to appreciate the posts. Good quality content that engages the readers is not an easy task. …

Programmatic ad fraud is over 20 billion U.S. dollars. Projections show that it will reach 44 billion by 2022.

The display channel has no regulation and offers no transparency. Most of the advertisers lack in skills to detect display fraud.

programmatic ad fraud

What is Programmatic Ad Fraud?

Programmatic ad fraud is over 20 billion U.S. dollars. Projections show that it will reach 44 billion by 2022. The display channel has no regulation and offers no transparency. Most of the advertisers lack in skills to detect display fraud. Reported numbers of CPMs, ad, and video views, app downloads, and installs, are falsified en mass, and marketers have to…

Would you like to know when is the best time to buy or sell BTC?

Go check my page here where I explain how’s that possible.

I monitor the signals myself and when Bitcoin enters the BUY zone I send an email to my list. When it drops significantly it’s time to SELL.

This January and early February, Bitcoin jumped from $8,335 to $9,405 in Jan 28 in just two days. That’s a growth by 1,070 points.

when to buy bitcoin

If you are a conservative investor you could have made a decent profit when the price did the roller coaster by 1,070 points.

Ted Politidis

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