When to BUY & SELL Bitcoin

Would you like to know when is the best time to buy or sell BTC?

Go check my page here where I explain how’s that possible.

I monitor the signals myself and when Bitcoin enters the BUY zone I send an email to my list. When it drops significantly it’s time to SELL.

This January and early February, Bitcoin jumped from $8,335 to $9,405 in Jan 28 in just two days. That’s a growth by 1,070 points.

when to buy bitcoin
The green arrows show the BUY signals and the red ones are for SELL.

If you are a conservative investor you could have made a decent profit when the price did the roller coaster by 1,070 points.

If you like to take some risk you could have waited for the second BUY warning that reached the highest price of $9,558 (153+ points higher).

I don’t recommend taking risks but some people like to do so. Anyway, as you see above there were more BUY / SELL signals and even following my last SELL you could have made a profit by 1,179 points.

Bitcoin is a dancer and there are many opportunities as long as you follow my early bird warnings to BUY / SELL it.

Here is another example from mid January 2020 where you see substantial growth after the first BUY warning. You will receive warnings at every BUY / SELL signal.

when to sell bitcoin

If you’re interested here is my page https://www.ergoseo.com/bitcoin-tips.html

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